Monday, January 25, 2010

Prague Playhouse Auditions

Auditions for the 4th annual and Playwriting Contest and we want YOU to come and audition!

The auditions will be at DeMille's Restaurant (downstairs) on Sunday, January 31 and Monday, February 1 from 18:00-21:00. Please email to schedule an audition. Prepare a short monologue and be prepared to read from a text.

Rehearsals will be in February and the beginning of March. The performances take place the last 2 weeks in March (4 performances).

We are looking for the following roles:


by Cohen Ambrose

directed by Nick Perry

TOMMY: 40s, blunt, tired

TIMMY: 20s, strong, naïve

COP: 50s, experienced, ironic


by Josh Kaston

directed by Julek Neumann

ASH 30s, English, fidgety

LUCIE 20s Czech, pregnant enough to notice.

MRS. OLSEN 60s, American, light footed for her age.

SKEETS 40s, American, over-the-top redneck.


by Mark Yates

directed by Jonathan Solari

Honza (Jan) Oberfalzer, a middle-aged producer at Czech TV.

Pepa (Josef) Olejnik, middle-aged businessman.

Jana Olejnik, Pepa's college-aged daughter; speaks Czech with an American accent.

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