Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I once heard Hillary Swank say in an interview: "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

So you have to be ready when the opportunity comes along. I am currently doing a casting for SNIPER RELOADED, for which all casting is happening online and actors have been asked to put themselves on tape.

There is a whole chapter about this in my book, Secrets from the Casting Couch.

But here are some guidelines. Please click here for HINTS ON SELF AUDITIONS

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Feature Film: SNIPER RELOADED.

Production Type: Feature Film

Production Company: Film Afrika Twelve – Reloaded (Pty) Ltd.

Producer: David Wicht, Claudio Faeh

Director: Claudio Faeh

Casting Director: Nancy Bishop, Europe + US

Christa Schamberger, Johannesburg,

Shooting Period and Dates: March 1- April 3, 2010

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Language: English

Deadline for proposing actors via e-Talenta: : 2010-02-05

"SNIPER: RELOADED" is the fourth installment of the ‘Sniper’ franchise.

US Marine Sergeant BRANDON BECKETT (mid 20’s), son of legendary Marine sniper Thomas Beckett (portrayed by Tom Berenger in Sniper 1-3), is stationed in Zimbala, Africa, on a peace keeping mission working closely with the UN. German UN base commander, HANS JAEGAR (50) sends Brandon and his squad into the neighboring war ravaged Democratic Republic of the Congo to extricate the last remaining plantation owner, Belgian JEAN VAN BRUNT (55). On the mission, however, Brandon and his squad are met with fierce enemy fire from a hostile SNIPER, who manages to kill all of them except Brandon and Van Brunt’s daughter KELLI (14). A wounded Brandon and Kelli together make their way back to the UN base with the help of local big game hunter, former mercenary and friend of VAN BRUNT's--MARTIN CHANDLER (50s).

While recovering back at the base, the wounded Brandon gets a surprise visit from an old friend of his father, RICHARD MILLER (50), whom he hasn’t seen or heard from since he was 12 years old. MILLER wants to get him back home and out of trouble. But Brandon doesn’t want any help. He wants to find the assailant, swears to take revenge against those who set him up.

Base Commander JAEGAR isn’t interested in tracking down the enemy sniper. Instead, he issues orders to pull all travel permits into the DRC, preparing to retreat from the area. Even attractive British Intelligence Officer ELLEN ABRAMOWITZ (late 20’s) can’t offer any help. Brandon decides he must find out on his own. Seeing his determination, MILLER teaches Brandon some sniping tricks before the young sergeant secretly leaves the base. Together with CHANDLER, the hunter whose help he seeks, BECKETT makes his way deep into rebel territory. But just when they seem to be making some head way, they’re met with a big surprise…



late 20’s, British/European, Lieutenant, U.N. Military Intelligence officer, grew up in an Army family, she's beauty and brains combined, a woman with class. Working on the U.N. base in Zimbala, Africa, she helps Brandon Beckett (the lead) in his task of tracking down a hostile sniper in the war ravaged Democratic Republic of the Congo. During their joint effort, Ellen and Brandon become romantically involved. Ellen eventually even sets foot into the DRC stepping onto the battlefield herself…


50, German, Colonel, U.N. base commander, cruelly handsome, and morally corrupt. The commander of the U.N. base in Zimbala, Africa, HANS JAEGAR has come under considerable pressure when dealing with local armies and splinter rebel groups in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo. But Jaegar also faces a challenge of his own: having been involved in illegal arms deals with the rebels he is now trying to get rid of any tracks that might lead back to him...


14, Belgian, cute, spunky, unafraid. When her father, plantation owner and arms dealer Jean Van Brunt, gets killed in a sniper ambush, his courageous daughter KELLI VAN BRUNT survives, and gets picked up by US Marine Brandon Beckett. Together, Brandon and Kelli make their way towards safety across the border and back to the U.N. base. Trekking through war ridden Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kelli betrays information about her father to Brandon – information that ultimately helps Brandon track down the hostile sniper.

BRANDON BECKETT (lead, name preferred)

mid 20’s, US Marine Sergeant, strong and confident, plays the son of previous SNIPER lead, Tom Berenger, star of the three previous episodes. Independent, renegade soldier.

Prague Playhouse Auditions

Auditions for the 4th annual and Playwriting Contest and we want YOU to come and audition!

The auditions will be at DeMille's Restaurant (downstairs) on Sunday, January 31 and Monday, February 1 from 18:00-21:00. Please email to schedule an audition. Prepare a short monologue and be prepared to read from a text.

Rehearsals will be in February and the beginning of March. The performances take place the last 2 weeks in March (4 performances).

We are looking for the following roles:


by Cohen Ambrose

directed by Nick Perry

TOMMY: 40s, blunt, tired

TIMMY: 20s, strong, naïve

COP: 50s, experienced, ironic


by Josh Kaston

directed by Julek Neumann

ASH 30s, English, fidgety

LUCIE 20s Czech, pregnant enough to notice.

MRS. OLSEN 60s, American, light footed for her age.

SKEETS 40s, American, over-the-top redneck.


by Mark Yates

directed by Jonathan Solari

Honza (Jan) Oberfalzer, a middle-aged producer at Czech TV.

Pepa (Josef) Olejnik, middle-aged businessman.

Jana Olejnik, Pepa's college-aged daughter; speaks Czech with an American accent.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Berlin Documentary needs English actors

We are looking for an English female native speaker, age between 25 and 45, based in Berlin, for a documentary on a social health project in North-East India. With our film we are supporting this project, therefore we can offer only low budget payment. Two days of recording in Berlin at beginning of March 2010 is planned. If you want to know about the project, here is the website: For further information please contact,

Sigrun Schnarrenberger

Regie, Kamera, Schnitt
Pappelallee 13
10437 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 - 88 76 14 76
+49 (0)176 - 64 28 99 73

Icelandic director in Prague seeks actors

Gunnar Tryggvason, an Icelandic director living in Prague, is doing a short film and needs an english speaking elderly couple to act (60 to 70 years old)...

Please write to

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short Film to be shot in Prague this summer needs teen actors

Nick Perry is prepping for a new edgy film, featuring actor/models age 16-20. Male and Female

See this "vibe" footage that Nick edited for casting. He wants these types:

Please submit photos and CV.s to


" Short Film-maker from India, looking for young actors (male/female)

to be part of short film in Prague from Jan - Feb. Shooting will be

done mostly on weekends.

A look at my earlier short films :




The actors get a chance to have a nice experience of getting handson

experience of short film-making.

Interested people can mail at or call at 722669210.

Facebook profile :

Orkut profile :

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please note new earlier times for Marketing Seminar and Book Launch in Berlin

MARKETING FOR THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET: FOLLOWED BY BOOK LAUNCH. In this seminar, taught by Nancy and guest speakers casting directors Emma Style from UK and Lana Veenker from US, actors will learn how to present themselves for international work, highlighting how to crack into the US and UK markets. Marketing skills covered will include how to create an effective, eye-catching C.V, chose a key photo, and create a show reel and website. Nancy will outline some basic facts about the O1 Visa, for US work; Emma and Lana will discuss the specific demands of the UK and US markets. All participants will receive a free copy of “Secrets from the Casting Couch.”

Please join us afterwards for book signing.

About Nancy: Emmy-award nominated, American Casting Director, Nancy Bishop, has cast over sixty American and British films, from her base in Prague. She has cast for major feature films including Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, Hellboy, Bourne Identity, and the recently released Wanted and Prince Caspian. She has been teaching casting workshops throughout Europe, the UK, and the US, and the head of the Acting for Film Department at the Prague Film. She is a member of The Casting Society of America, and the International Network of Casting Directors.

About Emma: Emma Style has been casting since 1984. Her work includes film, television and theatre, past work includes Tea with Mussolini, Emmy Award winning Prime Suspect V and multi BAFTA award winning Our Friends in the North. More recently Emma has been casting The Take, Hogfather and The Colour of Magic. This year her work to be shown includes Going Postal for SKY, Exam, a low budget feature film and she is currently casting The Silence, a four part BBC One Drama.

About Lana: Lana Veenker began her career in London and, launched what is now one of the most successful location casting companies in the US. She has found her calling in helping actors who live outside Hollywood break into the business. Her numerous projects include casting on Extraordinary Measures, starring Harrison Ford; Twilight; The Road starring Viggo Mortensen; and 15 episodes of TNT's Leverage. She is a member of the Casting Society of America and the International Network of Casting Directors.


Time: 10:00AM – 14:00PM

Date: Sunday, 14 February 2010.

Place: English Theatre Berlin, Fidicinstrasse 40, 10965 Berlin.


Time: 15:00PM – 17:00PM

Date: Sunday, 14 February 2010.

Place: English Theatre Berlin, Fidicinstrasse 40, 10965 Berlin.