Saturday, May 10, 2008

Robbie Kay and Fugitive Pieces

Here's ROBBIE KAY in FUGITIVE PIECES, (directed by Jeremy Podeswa) which just opened in the US. I'm really proud of Robbie, because not only did I cast him in it, but he was my student. Production hired me to coach him since he had so little experience at the time, and he ended up putting out a superb performance! According to Peter Howell at, "the grandest laurels must be reserved for Robbie Kay, who plays Jakob as a young boy. Relatively new to acting , he invests the role with an intensity of purpose not often seen in an actor of so few years." Howard Schumann in International Entertainment, claims that "Robbie Kay turns in one of the best child performances I have seen in years." Congratulations Robbie!
Robbie went on to further performances, after picking up a London agent, Kate Buckley. Here's a preview of Robbie in the upcoming Hallmark production of Pinnocchio with Bob Hoskins.


Moe Skeeter said...

I love films about WWII and I am a fan of Rade Serbedzija so when I saw the DVD at Blockbuster I rented the movie. I was very moved my this film; it is so well done and acted!

I was amazed that Robbie had to learn to speak at least two languages for the film and even more amazing was the fact that he is new to acting.

There are places in the movie where he doesn't even speak but he communicates deep emotions with just his face and eyes.

I am expecting great things from this young actor and I will keep an eye out for anything he is in.

Great job Nancy!

stephanie said...

Robbie has been busy working on 2 films. 1. "We Want Sex", a feature directed by Nigel Cole, starring Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins and Miranda Richardson. Robbie plays the role of Graham, son of lead Sally Hawkin`s character Rita. Film is due in cinemas summer this year.
2. "Ways to Live Forever", a feature directed by Gustavo Ron. Robbie plays the lead role of Sam. Film also stars Emilia Fox, Greta Scaachi, Ben Chaplin and Phyllida Law. More info and pics can be seen at