Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Article on Film Acting

One of my articles on film acting was just published in Dramatics Magazine. It is mostly oriented towards very young actors (like still in high school or college). I was a little embarassed about a few things in the article since I didn't get a final edit before it went out... so for example I seem to claim I was THE casting director on Polanski's Oliver, when really of course I was only one of them... but here it is anyway


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog, its refreshing. I will be sure to pop in as often as possible. Good work...

David Wurawa

Alva said...

Hi, you probably get letters like this all the tim but, I just wonder if you want to get a part in a big movie how do you do it if you dont have an agent or anyone else, If your just all by yourself?

Nancy Bishop said...

I recommend that actors who don't have agents should promote themselves by having a strong web presence. This means having your own website, and registering on search engines such as Spotlight in the UK and E-Talenta in Europe. I also recommend staying active making your own work

Hope this helps